1226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #1106898 1226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #1106898 Featured

1226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #1106898
1226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #11068981226 Camp 5 Rd - MLS #1106898

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From jct of M-69/M-95 in Sagola, W on M-69 2.5 miles to Camp 5 Rd; S on Camp 5 Rd 7 miles to #1226; driveway on right.
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This compact 800 sft house has 6" double insulated walls and is extremely energy efficient and easy to heat. Newer construction and a quality build, this real estate should be maintenance free for years to come. Beautiful country setting in a very desirable area on 10+ acres. Excellent as a starter home, camp, or if you're ready to downsize. The detached garage also could be converted to extra living space, and has a stairway to an overhead area that could easily be finished off to use as a bedroom, studio, or office. The paved county road is well maintained and it's a short drive to Iron Mountain or Crystal Falls. Access state land directly from a corner of property. Only 2.5 miles from 3000 acre Peavy Pond. Peavy Pond is a great place to fish for walleye, musky, bass, and pike, and for hunting waterfowl. Deer numbers in this part of Iron County are quite high. Black bear, grouse, snowshoe hare hunting is excellent. also there are an abundance of trails available for hiking, biking, or ORV use on nearby public lands.
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1226 Camp 5 Rd
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