Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a Real Estate advertising service website. Here Real Estate agents and FSBO sellers are posting there property for sale. And buyers are searching the website for possible properties to purchase.

Why should I advertise my property on

LakeCottageLand focuses on the advertising of second home vacation / retirement property and hunting land or wooded acreage listings in the Upper Midwest. Specifically Wisconsin, Michigan, and Upper Michigan. People looking to buy or sell property in this region will be attracted to a site that focuses on this specific area. Not on unrelated properties like ranches in Texas.

LakeCottageLand also has buyers on a members email lists who have signed up to be contacted when new property ads are posted and when their property specific criteria needs get a match. This Auto Notification service can generate great leads and even quick sales right away when their property ads match up with data base buyers. You essentially have a whole new pool of buyers that you can market to that you would not otherwise without advertising on

LakeCottageLand is also found at the top of almost all Real Estate related searches for Wisconsin, Michigan, and Upper Michigan. We know how to make sure is found with regards to what key words people will be searching. Using this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge we have, we’ll be one of the top choices for buyers to click on when searching to buy recreational Real Estate for sale.

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How do I place an ad on

Getting started is an easy two-step process: "Register" & "Add Listing"


1. Click the "Register" link, located in the top right section of
2. Scroll down and click on the "Sign Up Now" button at the bottom of the 'Looking to Sell?' column.
3. Create a new user account by entering:

Name: Your name. (You will be asked for your company name and other contact info later.)
Username: Create an easy to remember username, and please make note of it.
Email address: Please use the address you would like to have property inquiries sent.
Password: Create a password, and please make note of it.

and, click "Next".

4. Complete your contact info for potential buyers on the 'Register New User' page and click "Register".
5. On the 'Profile Picture' page you may upload your picture or logo now, or "Skip" and come back later to complete. Either way, the web page will refresh and you will be notified that your account has been created and you are a registered user.
6. You can now Log In with your User Name and Password to Add a New Listing.

(For handy reference, and if you signed up as a Seller, your Username and Password have been emailed to the address used to register.)

Add Listing

1. Sign In to to access the 'Add Listing' page, which is part of your Account Overview and User Menu.
2. Whether you are an agent with multiple properties or a "For Sale by Owner" with a single property for sale, please follow the 'Add New Listing' instructions that fit you best.

For agents, using an "Unlimited Ads" option, please select an ad plan and check out before placing ads.
For FSBO's, using a "Single Ad" option, please create your property ad before checking out.

For both agents and FSBO's, if you are using one of the trial codes please select the ad plan that best matches your trial offer, and apply to the Coupon box during 'Checkout'.

3. There are easy to follow instructions for posting your property to the site from the 'Add Listing' page, and all ad plans pay with a debit card or a credit card through secure and easy to use PayPal.*

* All LakeCottageLand ad plans, both Single and Unlimited, are conducted with a debit card or a credit card through secure and easy to use PayPal. You are not required to create or use a PayPal account in order to checkout.

What does it cost to advertise property on

  • Single Ads with unlimited photos:

    • $9 for 1 month

    • $49 for 6 months
  • Unlimited Ads with unlimited photos:
    • $59 per month
    • $129 per 3 months
    • $199 per 6 months
    • $299 per 1 year
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How will I be contacted if someone is interested in my property or ad?

They will contact you by either phone or email. Potential buyers will click on a contact seller button to open up a form to directly email you. Your phone number will also be displayed if you choose to make it a form of contact.

How do I find or edit my ad(s)?

Log in to your account and your ad(s) will be listed under the MY LISTINGS tab. Go into “My Listing” and click on the ad listing you want to edit. Place cursor over “Manage” on the pull down menu and click edit. You will now be able to edit all aspects of your ad listing.

What is an “Agent Website” click?

This is when a potential buyer leaves by clicking on an agent’s company website. These clicks are tallied and available for the agents to view how many potential buyers go to their website from links on LakeCottageLand.

What is a “View” click?

This is when a potential buyer clicks on your ad for more details. These views are tallied on your property pages, so you and other potential buyers can see how many people are looking at your property.

Do I need photos of my property to advertise on

No, you can post details and a description of your property without photos. However, photos are going to drastically increase you chance of being contacted by potential buyers.

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